Magic Pillow Massage

£49.99 £59.99


The multifunctional electric massager is a massage cushion with a heating function. It is an intelligent overload protection circuit that transfers heat to your muscles. It soothes muscles such as the neck, calf, abdomen, back and thigh. It is easy to use and portable.


  • Size: Medium 
  • Application: Body
  • Usage Time:  3 hours 

The kit includes:

  • 1 Massage cushion 
  • 1 Cart adapter  
  • 1 Charging cable


  •  It improves blood circulation.
  • It helps to fight against fatigue and stress.
  • An innovative heationg solution for complete relaxation 
  • Effective treatment for back and neck pailn


  • Watch out for the presence of water or liquids.
  • It should not be applied to an unhealed wound.
  • Ensuring the quality of the installation
  • Do not leave within reach of children 
  • Do not use in the bathroom or shower